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Have you ever wished there was a dental treatment that could make a damaged tooth look better while at the same time protecting it from future harm? Fortunately, there is. Dental crown therapy can change your look by introducing a restoration treatment that is fully customizable and effective.

Dental crowns can be crafted into a speccific size, shape, color, and fit. With a dental crown, you can cover broken and battered teeth, well-worn, extremely stained and discolored teeth. Crowns can help with bits of teeth that have been broken, cracked, or split apart. Dental crowns can restore teeth to their proper function and even make them pleasant to look at.

A single dental crown can often last up to two decades, but there are cases where they can last even longer. In some cases, dental crowns can be used to restore teeth that require dental fillings, but for one reason or another, there is not enough tooth remaining to hold the filling. Dental crowns are also effective at covering previous dental treatments including root canals, implants, and bridges.

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