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Are your teeth like damsels in distress? Dental crowns are an amazingly effective treatment for teeth that need rescuing. Here are some key facts to look at when considering getting a dental crown:

– Crowns are talented at mending and restoring old dental procedures, such as bridges, implants, and root canals.
– A single dental crown can last over 20 years, and in many cases, an entire lifetime.
– Dental crowns can be created to shelter fillings. They can also hold teeth in place where there are fillings and too little of the natural tooth left.
– Crowns can add an additional layer of protection to the teeth by completely protecting a tooth on all sides above the gum line.
– Dental crowns can be appealed to in order to fix broken teeth. They can even bind together bits of broken teeth.
– Dental crowns can be modified for each individual tooth’s needs. They can also be colored to match the natural shade of your teeth.

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